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South Park PTO FAQ

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General School

  1. What is Curriculum Night? Curriculum Night is a chance for parents to meet their child’s teacher, learn about the curriculum for the year, answer any questions you may have the PTO, and meet other parents.
  2. When are parent-teacher conferences? Parent-Teacher conferences are by sign-up appointment. They will occur the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Specific dates and times will be sent by email from the principal, Dr. Sherman.
  3. When does my child’s report card post? Where can I find it? Progress reports are posted in the Family Access website ( in November, March and June. Dates vary by year.
  4. Why are my kindergartener’s school supplies more than my third grader?  The cost of the supplies has nothing to do with what grade a child is in. The teachers in each grade work together to select the supplies they need for their classrooms so it varies from grade to grade each year. However, it is not mandatory to buy from the South Park School Supply Ordering system should you want to purchase the items on your own 2.  School supply ordering for next year will not take place until the end of this school year. You will receive information once it's time to order. 
  5. Can my child eat peanut butter at lunch? Yes, at lunch peanut and tree-nuts are allowed in the lunch room only. If a child with an allergy feels more comfortable, there is a NUT-FREE table open. Children with a food allergy are also able to take a red tray upon entering the Lunch Room so administrators can easily see who has an allergy. No nuts are allowed in classroom for snack, only fruits and vegetables.
  6. Does my child come for curriculum night? Conferences? Portfolio Night? Your children do NOT attend curriculum and teacher conferences. Your whole family is welcome to portfolio night, so your child/ren can show you all their work during this school year.
  7. What events can younger siblings or family attend? Family and siblings are able to attend the following events: Ice Cream Social, Bike Rally, Skate Night, Portfolio Night, Book Fair, Bingo Night, South Park Spring Boutique.
  8. When can my child retake his/her school photo? Each year you will be able to retake your class photo or take if you missed the initial date. Please see Dr. Sherman’s weekly email for exact date. (10/11/18)
  9. What is Marla’s Lunch? And how does it work? Through the Marla's Lunch program, we offer lunch delivered to school from a variety of restaurants five days a week. Gluten free and vegetarian options are available daily. The weekly deadline to order is TUESDAY at noon for the following week. To order, go to: First time ordering, use our school code, SPE296, when creating an account. Please use this link for additional ordering instructions: Any questions, contact or call 224-269-0068.


PTO Events and Volunteering

  1. What is Red Ribbon Week? The last week in October is Red Ribbon Week. The goal of this week  is to teach and empower school-aged kids to live a healthy lifestyle. The focus will be on what kids can do to be safe and healthy inside and outside of school. South Park will be participating in supporting National Family Partnership’s mission  towards creating a DRUG-FREE AMERICA. During this week, We also host a pumpkin decorating contest with submissions anonymously submitted by South Park teachers and staff. Students have the option of voting for their favorite pumpkins by using coins or bills. All money is donated to the West Deerfield Township Food Pantry.
  2. What is the bike rally? Bike Rally is a fun (and free) family event.  The event typically includes bike checks, a safety lesson, a visit from the fire department, a raffle with prizes donated from a local Bicycle Store and fun tattoos. The participants do a loop around the neighborhood. Every student requires a helmet and a parent supervisor. Students sibling’s (not currently at South Park) are invited to join their family. 
  3. How can I submit school photos for the yearbook?

Steps to get your child in the yearbook:

  1. Download the app Herff Jones eShare from the App Store
  2. Enter code: SPPenguins (capital letter sensitive)
  3. Take pictures on your phone
  4. Go into the app, browse your photo library, upload up to 10 pictures at a time. Please fill out the information asked such as a) grade of students in photo b) names of at least one student c) event where photo taken. We ask for the names of students so we can make sure all students are included in the yearbook (though we don’t identify them in the published yearbook)

Please note all photos taken must be on school premises other than sanctioned field trips and concerts.

  1. What is the Deerfield Discount card? The Deerfield Discount Card is available starting each school year for $5, which allows discounts to many local restaurants, shops and businesses. A table will be set up to purchase at Curriculum Night & Ice Cream Social. You can also purchase from our website.
  2. Is there a book fair? Yes! Each year the PTO hosts a Scholastic Book Fair, where your child can browse thru thousands of titles and make a wish list for future reading, birthdays and holidays. We have family events, so bring the whole family. 2018 dates: 10/18, 10/29, 10/20.
  3. What is a Celebration Book? A Celebration Book is a donation to the South Park Library Learning Commons.  These are "extra" fun books the Learning Commons would not be able to purchase without your donation.  Your child will select a book and be the first to check it out from library.  A bookplate showing the donor and the occasion being commemorated will be placed inside the book as parents like purchasing Celebration Books to mark a special occasion for their child at South Park.   Examples of inscriptions include "Happy 9th Birthday Ryan," or "Cheers to Abby for a wonderful year in first grade," or "Thank you Mrs Whisler for an amazing year in kindergarten." The library asks for an $20 donation for each Celebration Book which goes to purchasing a book and supporting other Learning Commons needs.
  4. How can I get another parents phone number? You can have access to parent contact information – including emails and phone numbers - by purchasing the South Park PTO Directory APP each year. Please visit for details and to purchase. Please NOTE: You can ONLY receive another parent contact info (for birthdays or playdates) by purchasing the APP. Teachers are NOT allowed to give out parent information. We encourage all families to make at least one parent contact available on the APP.
  5. How can I be a chair person on the PTO?  If there is a specific committee that you are interested in chairing, we encourage you to volunteer and help with it during the current school year first. Once you've learned about the position by being a part of the committee, you can volunteer to be a Chair. At the end of the school year the PTO creates a slate of chair people for the following year and you will see communication about this in our Spotlight. Please express your interest at that time. We are always happy to have new Chairs!!
  6. I am new to the school. Is there someone who can mentor me? Your first resource will be the room parents of your child's classroom. They should be able to answer most questions or point you in the right direction. There is also this FAQ's page which may have answers for you. We also have a South Park Family Network Facebook page where you can ask any questions and have the South Park community answer!
  7. When are all the PTO events? There are PTO events throughout the year! South Park always has something fun going on! Check out the PTO website to see a list of upcoming events -
  8. What are all the volunteer opportunities?  Parents can volunteer throughout the year. Please check the PTO website for volunteer opportunities that are currently available. Here are just a few of the opportunities available during the year to parents:
    1. Room Parent- Room parents coordinate classroom volunteers and serve as mentors for new families to South Park. Sign up for room parents happens over the summer.
    2. Fun Lunch - Come help pass out special lunches over the lunch hour. We do this 5 days a week so there are plenty of opportunities. Sign up is available throughout the year. 
    3. Picture Day- Picture day is typically in the beginning of the year. Parents help move the kids through the gym and get back to class.
    4. Bike Rally- Bike Rally takes place in September. Parents help stand on corners and ensure safety for all riders.
    5. Book Fair - The Book Fair Committee is always looking for help for the October Fair. Come help students and parents find books during Student Previews, Friday Night for our late hours or on Saturday for our Family Event.
    6. First Grade Planting Day- Parents help the first graders plant tulips.
  1. Is there a party or event for graduating 5th graders? It's important to know that there is no 5th grade graduation.  The only true graduation is from the high school.  8th grade is actually a "promotion" not a graduation as everyone gets promoted up to high school. That being said, there is the 5th grade picnic at the end of the year - a fun day at the park with lunch, games, DJ, etc.  There is also the 5th grade bash which takes place at Caruso and is a fun party to celebrate the end of their era at South Park and an opportunity to spend some time in their new school.
  2. How can I volunteer in my child’s classroom? Room Parents pass out a sheet of volunteer opportunities in the beginning of the year at Curriculum Night. You will be able to volunteer for at least one classroom party, field trips, Art In Action, and more - all giving you a chance to be involved in the classroom!
  3. Is South Park on Facebook? Yes! We have two groups. South Park PTO Deerfield is open to ALL families. We post all PTO events and volunteer opportunities on Facebook as well as on South Park PTO Website ( . South Park Family Network is a closed group for current SP families. This is a group to post questions/comments/concerns about the school, various school events/happenings, etc… Questions such as: Where do we line up on first day of class? Or Anyone know when MAP testing is for 3rd grade? Join Today!