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Fun Lunch

Marla's Lunches

LUNCH DATES: TUESDAY, August 21, 2018 - FRIDAY, June 7, 2018 (pending)


PAYMENT INFORMATION: The program accepts payment by Debit Card or Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard & Discover and ACH/E-Check Program

The ordering platform is now mobile ready!




Directions for New Families

1. Go to: (bookmark that page)

2. Click on "Create an Account" to create a new account: South Park's School Password is: SPE296

3. Sign in with your username & password

4. To begin ordering click on the calendar date – First lunch date is: August 21st, 2018


Directions for Returning Families 

1. Go to: (bookmark that page)

2. Sign in with your username & password

3. Choose student that needs location, add their grade/teacher for the new school year & click “update profile”

4. If a student has graduated, select their name & click “remove profile”

5. Once all profiles are updated you can begin placing orders


Please help volunteer during lunch! 

We greatly appreciate all of you who are able to and considering volunteering during lunch at South Park. We offer lunches to over 200 students every school day and cannot do so without your help! We welcome everyone's involvement and no formal experience required! You can sign up to volunteer as many times as you like this fall, but we kindly ask to only commit only to dates you know you can be there to help with as a courtesy to Marla’s Lunch Program. When you cancel, it impacts being able to distribute during lunch hours so thank you in advance for your help and support. Volunteer Time is 11:10 am to 12:30 pm.


QUESTIONS: Amy Reeder (, Bonnie Block (, email or call 224.269.0068

TECHNICAL SUPPORT (help navigating the site): email or call 800.381.6511

** If your older child has graduated Southpark and is moving to Caruso, you will need to create a new Caruso account. Passwords and emails can stay the same but USER NAME must be changed. Caruso school code is: CMS299.